Zero Knowledge Proof of Identity

All about trust

The blockchain is, and always has been, about the ability to be secure, and to be private, and have faith in what is on it. But for all participants, security can introduce friction, and all new challenges - of legality, of ethics, and of compliance. Too often, this fear of the unknown can stop transactions, and inhibit the adoption of blockchain based solutions.

But what if you could verify the important credentials of the actors in a chain, without ever sharing data that didn’t need to be shared? If you wanted to be part of a financial transaction, but wanted to demonstrate proof of funds without revealing the total funds? If you wanted to prove residency without having to reveal your full address? If you wanted to prove nationality without having to provide a full drivers license, or passport details?

This is where we come in. In the UK you need to be over 18 to buy alcohol, but you aren’t asked for your date of birth every time you buy - the employee in the store simply verifies your age, usually with a visual check, and occasionally by checking your ID. Your date of birth is never shared, simply a verification that you exceed the requirements needed for the transaction to be legal - that you are over 18. But how do we do something similar when there is no physical transaction?

Welcome to what we do. Oceidon’s Zero Knowledge Proof of Identity solution allows you to share only the relevant information that is needed by both parties in a transaction, and doesn’t disclose information that isn’t needed. Privacy is maintained, but facts are verified, and trust is established. So you get to prove you are old enough to buy a beer, without exposing your date of birth on a document that also contains your address, your photo, and other information that simply isn’t required. Our solutions allow you to trust, every time.

So if you want to know that a party in a transaction can honour its commitment to pay, we can help. If you want to know if your supply chain is free of embargoed countries, we can help. If you want to verify a credit check by looking at address history, we can help. We help one party ask and answer a simple question, while allowing both parties to maintain privacy.

So if you want to know if we can help your business? The answer is ‘yes’. But let us show you how.

Oceidon. Trust is all you need.