The management team at Oceidon collectively possesses decades of experience. Oceidon's approach is centered around addressing real-world problems with practical solutions, rather than simply creating technology for technology's sake. The team is dedicated to developing impactful solutions that enhance and support commerce.

Husnu Yesirci (Hus)

Husnu Yesirci, with over 15 years of experience, is a seasoned professional in developing big data business opportunities through strategic planning, product design, and project management. His expertise spans across industries such as Aviation, Construction, IT, and Telco, where he has successfully led software projects from conceptualization to post-deployment management. Husnu has also collaborated with renowned public institutions such as the Turkish and Hungarian Federal Governments, as well as private sector conglomerates like Turkcell and Planet Labs. He is a sought-after speaker at conferences, including the Consortium Conference on Blue Ocean Strategy, and is deeply interested in the intersection of governance, security, and privacy mechanisms of Web 3.0 with the off-chain world.

Jack Krosinski

Jack, a seasoned entrepreneur, is well-versed in consumer behavior and holds an Honors Bachelor's degree from the University of Toronto. He has a diverse background, having served as the former VP of IT at the Canada-Poland Chamber of Commerce, co-founding partner of Krosinski Enterprises Ltd., and CEO of MouTHy Inc. Jack's experience spans across emerging industries such as blockchain and cannabinoid medicinals, as well as established sectors like real estate and FMCG. He has been involved in the crypto space since 2011, starting with home-based crypto mining and later developing one of the first On-chain for Off-chain product swaps with in 2014 (now sold/defunct). In 2020, Jack initiated the implementation of Hyperledger-based supply chain tracking and inventory tokenization for MouTHy Inc.