Oceidon Legends

An exclusive way to truly own a piece of history.

Introducing Oceidon Legends

There are celebrities, there are famous personalities and then there are LEGENDS.
Legends are those that withstand the test of time, they represent the pinnacle of the human condition.
Oceidon Legends immortalizes these unique personas through digitization with NFTs.

The lucky few that secure an Oceidon Legends NFT can truly claim to undisputedly and for all eternity own a uniquely personal piece of a legend.

Having a Oceidon issued blockchain registered non fungible token no one can dispute the assets pedigree, ownership, and provenance.
Oceidon Legends is the epitome of the new era of collectibles.
With premium entry pricing, truly limited edition NFTs, ownership is elusive, exciting, and exclusive.

How to acquire an Oceidon Legends NFT

1. Track new collection releases communicated on Oceidon social media.

2. Get on the notification email list to be notified of upcoming drops.

3. Acquire Oceidon Meta NFTs to be granted exclusive pre-public access to our hottest NFT drops.

4. Be prepared for blockchain congestion during drop events and set your gas settings appropriately.